We provide the following methods of payment (subject to deviations in individual countries). Please select the ideal method of payment for you:

Advance payment

Kindly transfer the total amount of your order to our account, stating your order number or customer number:

Account holder: CLP-Trading
Account number: 770824100
Bank code: 48040035
Credit institute: Commerzbank Bielefeld
IBAN: DE05480400350770824100

As soon as we have booked receipt of payment, we will ship the goods by return.

Instant bank transfer

Due to the independence from banks, instant bank transfer meanwhile covers approx. 99% of all banks in Germany and may consequently be used for almost every customer with a giro account activated for online banking. Instant bank transfer is also available in Austria.

This is the way it works:

If a customer selects the payment method instant bank transfer, he will be guided to the money transfer form of Payment Network AG via a secured connection. The transfer form already indicates the order amount. After having entered his bank code and account number, the customer enters his online banking details and his PIN and confirms payment using a TAN. This data is transmitted to the customer's credit institute and the dealer obtains a confirmation by return whether payment has been carried out successfully.


Giropay is a product emerged from a joint project of Postbank, the Sparkasse financing group and IT service providers of Volksbanken Raiffeisenbank and since then has been accepted by more and more credit institutes. Millions of customers with a current account activated for online banking may use Giropay already without problems.

This is the way it works:

Should you decide to pay by Giropay, you are automatically guided to the online banking site of the corresponding credit institute. After having entered the account number and the PIN, a prefilled and unchangeable transfer form is opened which still requires to be executed by entering a TAN. So the amount is remitted in real-time. The bank notifies the dealer about the transaction status, so whether payment has been effected successfully. So the service can be provided by return.

Credit card

The credit card is the method of payment the most frequently used throughout the world for cashless money transfers and is particularly characterized by international acceptance.


For schools, authorities only.

Cash on delivery

Please keep the invoice amount ready; on delivery, the deliverer shall be paid in cash (no cheques). Cash on delivery requires an additional fee of 9.90 EUR, which is included in the total invoice amount resp. shipping charges.